How do I measure my project for NEW BARNWOOD™ products?
The easiest way to measure for NEW BARNWOOD™ products is the square foot method. To figure the square footage simply measure the length of the wall or ceiling and multiply it by the width. Add up all the walls and ceilings and deduct for window and door openings for an exact square footage figure. Add 15% for defecting and cutting allowance.

How do I purchase New Barnwood™ products?
We make it easy to have the Barnwood design of your dreams. You can purchase NEW BARNWOOD™ products direct eliminating costly middleman mark-ups. Call us at 616-655-1990 and one of our NEW BARNWOOD™ Specialists will help you with samples, suggestions, ideas and personal assistance every step of the way.

Does NEW BARNWOOD™ have a Quick Ship Program?
Yes! Our large inventory allows us to Quick Ship most products in just 2-3 days.
Depending on your location shipping typically takes between 3-5 days once the order leaves our facility. Please note that the 12” Shiplap Barnwood product is a made to order item with a 4-6 week delivery time.

Does NEW BARNWOOD™ accept credit cards?
Yes, NEW BARNWOOD™ accepts all major credit cards.

Is there a minimum order for NEW BARNWOOD™ products?
Yes, minimum orders vary by product.

How will my NEW BARNWOOD™ order be delivered?
NEW BARNWOOD™ products travel all over the world every day! Most orders are delivered via a common carrier. These trucks are 70 feet long, so make sure you have room for the truck to access the delivery area.

How are NEW BARNWOOD™ shipments unloaded?
We recommend that you have multiple people on site to hand unload the NEW BARNWOOD™ materials. You’ll want to have clean gloves, tin snips, and adequate space ready at the project to store the product. This will help ensure the delivery goes as smooth as possible.

How will I know when my order will arrive?
You will receive an email notifying when your order leaves our facility. At least 24 hours before your shipment arrives you will be contacted by the shipping company to schedule a delivery appointment and approximate arrival time.

How will my NEW BARNWOOD™ materials be protected during transit?
We do a lot of shipping, so we’re experts when it comes to protecting your order. First, we protect the product with cardboard edges attached with poly-nylon strapping. Next we shrink-wrap the product so it arrives clean and dry. Finally, we custom build every pallet and add OSB side walls for added protection to ensure your NEW BARNWOOD™ materials arrive damage free.


What is Shiplap?
Shiplap refers to the profile of the board.  Each board partially overlaps that of the board next to it creating a channel that gives shadow line effects.

Why would I select the NEW BARNWOOD™ Shiplap profile?
The shiplap profile offers a wider variety of installation options and advantages:

  • Backer wall does not have to be painted to complement the barnwood color.
  • More shadow line design options, from no gap up to a ¼” gap.
  • Easier to maintain a level installation from floor to ceiling or wall to wall.

Does NEW BARNWOOD offer matching trim for 8” and 12” Barnwood?
No, matching trim products are not currently available. Complementing trim can be made by ripping the 8” and 12” Barnwood or ripping our 1×8 – 8’ square edge plank Barnwood.

Can NEW BARNWOOD™ products be installed on ceilings?
Yes, NEW BARNWOOD™ products can be installed on ceilings following the recommended installation instructions.

Can NEW BARNWOOD™ products be installed on fireplace walls?
Yes, NEW BARNWOOD™ products can be installed on fireplace walls, as long as local building codes are strictly followed to assure surrounding areas of the fireplace are non-flammable.

Can NEW BARNWOOD™ products be installed directly to framing studs?
Yes, however consult your local building code, as drywall may be required. Only our shiplap and T&G profiles are recommended in this application, considering these profiles conceal gaps between boards.

Can NEW BARNWOOD™ 8” and 12” Barnwood be used in exterior applications?
Yes, NEW BARNWOOD 8” and 12” can be used on dry porch ceilings.  It is not recommended for use as an exterior siding or in areas exposed to the weather.

Can NEW BARNWOOD™ Primed MDF products be use in exterior applications?
No, NEW BARNWOOD™ Primed MDF products can only be used in interior applications.

How should I clean NEW BARNWOOD products?
Vacuuming the surface with a soft brush attachment is the most effective way to clean NEW BARNWOOD™ products. This is also a great way to remove sawdust from cutting after installation.

Will NEW BARNWOOD™ products change color over time?
Yes, as with all wood products NEW BARNWOOD™ products will gradually change color over time, adding to the character of the wood.

Does NEW BARWOOD™ offer touch-up kits?
No, NEW BARNWOOD™ does not offer touch-up kits at this time. Match the finish (color & sheen) at your local paint store. Remember to color test the touch-up finish to make sure that it is an acceptable match to your NEW BARNWOOD™
factory finish.

Does NEW BARNWOOD offer product warranties?
No, NEW BARNWOOD products do not require a warranty as they are never exposed to the weather.

Are NEW BARNWOOD™ products made in the USA?
Yes, all NEW BARNWOOD™ products are hand crafted in the USA.

If you have further questions, please feel free to contact us.