What is NEW BARNWOOD™ Shiplap?
Shiplap is a term used to describe a type of wooden board that has traditionally been used as walls and ceilings in the construction of sheds, barns, and other rustic type buildings. A traditional shiplap has a groove cut into the top and bottom of each board along the length of the board.

Shiplap profile the boards to fit together forming a solid surface area, and provides a distinctive appearance, with subtle horizontal reveals (often referred to as a nickel-gap) along the long connecting edge of each board.



Ease of Installation Shiplap is more forgiving allowing for adjustments maintaining level installation of each board.
Direct to Stud Installation Shiplap boards fit together forming a solid surface area on the wall or ceiling.
Vertical Installation Shiplap boards allow for adjustments to maintain level during installation, similar to horizontal installs.
Nickel-Gapping Shiplap can be gapped up to full ¼” while maintaining a solid surface area on the wall or ceiling.
Board Length Shiplap comes in all 8′ length boards allowing for boards to be installed with greater flexibility for on center wall-stud or ceiling-joist increments.
Cost of Installation Shiplap is an easier, faster install, can be installed directly over studs eliminating additional cost of backer board. Check local building codes prior to installing directly over studs.