Sale $59.90 Carton ($5.99 Sq. Ft.)

Reg. $99.00 Carton


DIY Shiplap replicates the timeless beauty of shiplap without the high cost and problems of reclaimed wood.

Unlike reclaimed wood from pallets, DIY Shiplap is crafted from new solid wood. DIY Shiplap is safe to use, easy to install, easy to transport, and perfect for walls, bar surrounds, and more!
DIY Shiplap Smokewood
DIY Shiplap Silverwood
DIY Shiplap Beachwood
DIY Shiplap Blend 50% Beachwood & 50% Silverwood
(Must order in 20 Sq. Ft. Increments)
"I absolutely love DIY Shiplap! We wanted the shiplap look, but didn’t want to fork over the huge amount of money. The installation was actually fun and our new bedroom wall is beautiful."
Megan T.